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Our Story

The history of JurAvon Park

An idea is Born

"Ten years ago we had a black and white picture in our minds of what we wanted to achieve, and slowly over the years we have filled in the colours,”


“Now we can proudly stand at our front gate and look out over the reality of our dream.”


When the property was purchased it consisted of a trotting track, Serrated Tussock, Box thorn, and many other weeds, along with a family of tiger snakes.


Excavators were brought in to level and remove much of the Box thorn, creating a clean slate to start on.


The rest is ten years of history - Sam and Jay designed the layout together, Sam was responsible for the engineering while Jay provided the funding.


The layout of the property besides an extra water tank and a few small changes is basically the same as what the original plans were.


Sam designed and built all of the stables himself and has proven to become quite handy on the welder and saw, as he has also constructed the paddock shelters, grandstands, manure bins and arena harrow, just to name a few.


A logo was designed and so JurAvon Park Equestrian Centre was born.

The next stage

Once they had laid the foundations, the couple had to put in place the next piece of their vision...


In March 2012 they welcomed successful Grand Prix dressage rider Renee Pedretti to the team. Renee brought vast experience and knowledge of running an agistment centre and managing the care and training of performance horses.

Using her years of experience as a base of knowledge JurAvon started a dressage club. The EV and HRCAV affiliated dressage club has become very popular seeing its dressage competitions continuously growing.

Our Future Plans

As we are always looking for new or improved ways to develop JurAvon we are working on several plans both small and large.

A sneak peak into a couple of these are;

Introducing the training of horses

Running of HRCAV dressage competitions

Introduction of new club membership packages

Why Us?

Our Vision

JPEC is the leading provider of high quality, professional and friendly agistment and training services in Victoria. Our purpose is to support and foster horse-human relationships that enable every rider’s ambitions, from the amateur to the internationally competitive professional, across a diverse range of equestrian disciplines.


Our Mission

We provide experienced and knowledgeable horse care; high quality, safe and well maintained riding facilities for both amateur and professional riders.

Our experienced and educated staff are experienced horse handlers and internationally competitive riders. They have great attention to detail, a service minded approach and a genuine interest in achieving our mission.

Our staff are proud to be part of the JurAvon team and derive professional satisfaction with a sense of accomplishment from providing this service.

Our facilities have been strategically developed to provide agistees with everything they need, all within close proximity of the city and major highways, thus allowing agistees to spend the maximum time possible enjoying their time with their horse.

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