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Official EV Autumn Dressage Championships - 23rd February 2019

JPDC held its EV Autumn Dressage Championships on the 23rd of February 2019. We offered Championships from Preliminary through to Small Tour and separate Pony Championships at Preliminary and Novice. Unfortunately due to several other events running on the same weekend our entries were slightly down on previous competitions. Despite this we still had a relatively early start with tests starting at 8.30 am and the last class finishing at 4.30 pm.  

I would like to start by thanking all of our generous sponsors, The NRG Team, Hiform, The Farming Mums, Tailored Riding Solutions, Sylvia M, Yeramba Farmstay, Retreat and Events Venue, Western Equine Veterinary Services, Equine Images, JurAvon Park Equestrian Centre and Jojubi Saddlery for once again supplying the Embroidered Championship Rugs. 

Thank you to all of our judges, your time is always greatly appreciated! To the riders that kindly offered to pencil we are very grateful for the time you all gave. 

To all of our club members that contributed to the preparation and on the day running of the competition, thank you. These events would not be possible without your help. As we are only a small club, I appreciate that there is a considerable amount of time that is given. To show our appreciation of this, we created a volunteers award to be presented to a club member that contributed above and beyond whats expected and for this event the award went to Chloe Xuereb. Chloe is one of our non riding members who gave her time to set up the day before the event and between pencilling, test collecting and helping with presentations she did not stop the entire day and was the last volunteer here to help pack up at the end of day. So thank you Chloe. 

I must also mention our club members who also did extremely well on the day, Jen Mainland and Bart in their first go at Advanced won the Championship, Stacey Willis and Snowy took out the Preliminary Championship, Stacey Lawrance and Gorden in their first EV dressage event picked up a fourth place in the preliminary, Harper (who is still actually getting around in a moon boot after breaking her ankle) and Bubbles finished a credible 5th in both elementary tests and Georgina Frazer with her first ride Stolle produced some of their best work in both medium tests and on her second ride, her sister Elita (who is also recovering from a broken ankle) horse Fred finished 3rd in both Novice tests! Georgina also was award the members award for this event which is awarded on competition result, contribution, sportsmanship and team spirit and support.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all of the competitors that supported our event, without entries our competitions would not run, lets hope we can boost our numbers back up for the next event! I hope all of our winners and competitors continue to support all of our wonderful sponsors and enjoy the great prizes that were kindly donated for this event! 

Thank you to JurAvon Park Equestrian Centre for once again providing a professional and safe venue for this event!

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Official EV Spring Dressage Championships - 29th Sep 2018 - a great success!

JPDC held its EV Spring Dressage Championships on the 29th September 2018. We offered Championships from Preliminary through to Small Tour and separate Pony Championships at Preliminary and Novice. We were very happy to be so well supported with large entries across the board. It did make for an early start and late finish, we may need to go back to spreading it over two days!

As always the smooth running of these events relies on much time preparing prior to the event as well as on the actual day. I would like to thank our members who generously contributed to the organisation prior to the event and to the members that were here on the day. It is great to see and have so many team jackets getting involved!

We were very lucky with once again receiving generous support from The NRG Team, HiForm, Harry's Choice, Ranvet, Yeramba Farmstay & Retreat, Equine Images Victoria, Jaimie Armstrong Blacksmith and Jojubi Saddlery all of who supplied us with great prizes.

I would also like to thank all of our judges, some of who had very early starts! We appreciate the personal time and expense that goes into becoming a judge and are grateful that you continue to return to judge at our events. It was also nice to see some new faces as well!

A very big thank you to the team at JurAvon Park who had the venue looking beautiful for our event, it continues to grow each time!

Congratulations to all of our championship winners, we trust you will enjoy your great rugs that were supplied by Jojubi Saddlery and the selection of prizes donated by our wonderful sponsors!